Peter’s Perspective in Hiding

Choosing which character to tell a different perspective was hard because all of the characters would have very unique stories, but I have chosen Peter. I chose Peter because it is easier for me to relate to him, because he was also a teenager. I have three stories for Peter to tell his perspective from. He is writing in a journal.


Today mother, father, and I have come into hiding with the Franks. Father says that this was Mr. Frank’s way of repaying him for something. The Franks are nice. Mr. Frank has two daughters. Margot and Anne. Margot is very quiet and Anne is loud and quite obnoxious. Mother embarrassed me in front of Anne saying that she is my girlfriend in front of everyone. I guess she is pretty but she is thirteen and I am sixteen, she is very immature. I think Mouschi is scared of Anne because she is always picking him up, and poking him. It is going to be hard to have to stay in bed till very late but I will adjust. Good Night.


Today was a wonderful day. Anne came to talk three times. I think I’m starting to like her, and I think she likes me. We talked about our first kisses and how she hadn’t had one yet. Before she left I kissed her on the cheek, I hope she will still come to visit and give me more posters. Good night.


The invasion has begun! Today was full of quarrels, but the invasion has begun! It all started this morning when I woke up to racket in the living room. It turned out my father was stealing food! My own father! He and Mr. Dussel fought. Mrs. Frank even threatened to kick us out! Could you imagine? As soon as we hit the the streets we would be arrested. What a terrible thought. As soon as Miep brought the good news everyone reconciled and all was well. At least we are all happy now. Goodnight.



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