Poem Discussion

Poem 1:

Your World by George Douglas Johnson

In this poem, I believe the message is to follow your dreams no matter what obstacles get in your way. In the beginning of the poem it talks about being in the corner of his nest, with his wings pressed close to his side. I believe this means he was an observer, and did not follow his dreams then. The poem also talks about how he sighted the horizon, and wanted to travel. This means he saw a dream and went after it. While following his dream, the poem says he battered the cordons meaning to reach his dream he had to go through some difficulty.

Poem 2:

January by John Updike

In this poem the author talks about January and what it means to him. The poem talks about parkas piling up near the door meaning that when the people who lived in his house came home, they left their coats at the door. When it talks about the river being a frozen place hiding behind the tree’s black lace. The black lace is the pattern of the tree branch shadows on a frozen water. And finally, when it talks about the radiator purring all day it is talking about a heater making a noise similar to a cat’s pur.





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