Discussion Question: Pigs


Pigs are supposed to be intelligent animals. Should intelligence be the primary qualification for leadership? What other qualities are important for a leader to have?
Explain why you think so.


I think that being intelligent is a very helpful role in being a leader, but there are other qualities a leader needs to be successful. A leader also needs to be “street smart”, respect, and involved.

By being “street smart” a leader could create strategies that fit a specific situation. A leader needs to be aware of ways other countries act, and have acted before. By doing this, a leader’s people can be insured their safety in strategic ways if a country threatens them. “Street smart” can be a helpful tool; I believe it is important for a leader to have.

By being respected, a leader can gain respect from his/her people. Respect can be a very powerful thing. Respect can cause for a peaceful country, and less protests. Respect from a leader’s people can also make a country stronger together. Strength and unity in a country can cause an upper hand to opposing countries. If a country does not have respect for a leader they can revolt, as illustrated in Animal Farm. The animal’s revolt perfectly shows how respect is key for peace. Respect is a very important quality for peace, and also for a leader. A leader also needs to respect its people.

By being involved, a leader can understand its people on a personal level. When hearing the word leader, I think of a harsh dictator who has no heart for his people. Being involved, and understanding their people a person can alter rules and change them for the better. If a leader just leaves his people in the dust, his people will become angry, and in some cases revolt. This is shown in Animal Farm, and the Russian Revolution. Tsar Nicholas never knew his people on a personal level, and this made the people angry. The Tsar never knew how bad the common people had it until they revolted on him.

These are the qualities I believe are important to have in a leader, as well as intelligence. 


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