Video Discussion

Flowers for Algernon Video Question


                The portrayal of Charlie in this video is an angry, aggravated man. This portrayal highlights his frustration with not fitting in when he was dumb, or when he is smart. This portrayal also highlights his anger with Dr.Strauss. Charlie realizes that Dr.Strauss did not go into enough detail about what the surgery would do to Charlie. Charlie feels like a lab rat. When Dr.Strauss tells Charlie that he will publish his writing about Charlie’s experiment, Charlie is angered. He says that “The old Charlie wanted this, not me.”

                The problem this raises is Charlie is realizing being smart is not all it’s cracked up to be. Charlie thought that when he was smart everyone would love him even more but instead he is fired from his job because his co workers are scared of how smart he has become in such a small amount of time. Charlie is also realized that he smarter than Dr.Strauss and this causes conflict between the two’s relationship.

                I believe this clip is trying to explain that intelligence can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, Charlie is bright and very smart, and can understand the world around him clearer. On the other hand, Charlie is realizing the bad in the world, and how his doctor is not this amazing man he knew when he was dumb.

                I believe this video tries to explain how testing can be portrayed as one thing, and brought out as another. In further detail, Charlie thought that the testing and operation would make him smarter, happier, and more likable to others. As it turned out the testing and operation caused Charlie to be an angry person, and people who he thought were his friends at work made a petition to get Charlie fired.

                This video tries to explain that communication with people is very important to fit in. In this case, Charlie works at the factory and becomes progressively smarter, and soon this scares his co workers and they petition him getting fired. One of the reasons the co workers want Charlie fired is because he talks down to them.  Charlie has gotten so smart he doesn’t even realize he is talking down to his friends, because his communication skills become so advanced so quickly. 


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