Flowers For Algernon

Flowers for Algernon main idea and what I think will happen next

                So far in the story Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, the main idea is very simple. A 37 year-old man named Charlie Gordon is chosen for an operation that will basically cure his mental illness and turn him into a genius.

In more detail, in the beginning of the story Charlie Gordon is taking a series of tests so he can be chosen for an operation that will make him smart. One test Charlie had to take was one with a mouse called Algernon. Algernon has gotten the surgery Charlie is getting tested for; the mouse is set in a maze box. Charlie is given the exact same maze, accept on paper. Algernon and Charlie race, and Charlie’s frustration grows as of Algernon beats him every time. The story is written as Charlie’s progress reports that he has written for his doctors. In the beginning Charlie is not very talented in literacy, and is a very unreliable narrator. His illiterate manner shows readers he has a mental disability. After the series of tests, Charlie is chosen for the operation. After the operation Charlie gradually grows smarter and becomes aware of his surroundings. In the beginning of the story all of Charlie’s progress reports had misspelled words, and they were very hard to read. As the story goes on Charlie’s entries are very complex and intellectual. Also after the surgery, Charlie beats Algernon repeatedly in the maze test. Charlie also begins to fall in love with his teacher, Miss Kinnian. After an incident in a restaurant Charlie realizes he wants to help other mentally disabled people and give them the same treatment he has received.

Since Charlie realized he wanted to be help people with the same disability he had, I believe Charlie will try to pursue this. I think the doctors will reject his request to help other people, and Charlie will become very angry with his doctors. This is what I think might happen next.


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