Movie Review: Iron Man



Jon Favreau’s Iron Man takes super hero movies to the next level. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Shaun Toub, Terrence Howard, and Jeff Bridges this movie is action packed and full of excitement.

Tony Stark is a multi-millionaire weapon designer for Stark Industries. Tony designs and creates weapons for the United States military. The movie begins when Tony has a presentation in an unknown desert for his newest weapon called the “Jericho” with his co owner of Stark Industries, Obadiah Stane played by Jeff Bridges. As Tony is leaving the site in a military vehicle bombs are set off. As Tony is trying to escape, one of his own weapons sets off near him and he blacks out. Tony awakes in a strange cave with a man named Yinsen. To save Tony from death, Yinsen places an electromagnet above Tony’s heart this machine will keep the shrapnel from the bomb that set off out of his heart. Tony and Yinsen are soon visited by the warlords who are keeping them hostages, the warlords have a proposal for Tony. If he creates another version of the Jericho they will set him and Yinsen free. Instead of building the Jericho, Tony and Yinsen rebel and build a lethal suit that will help them escape from the warlords. Soon, Tony breaks free, but unfortunately Yinsen is killed. As soon as Tony arrives back to America, he immediately tells his secretary Pepper Potts played by Gwyneth Paltrow, to call a press conference. At the Press conference Tony announces the end of Stark Industries. Obadiah Stane is infuriated and tries to convince Tony this is the wrong decision. While Obadiah is trying to hold Stark Industries together on his own, Tony is building a new and improved suit to save a town that is being affected by the warlords who kept him hostage. Tony’s right hand man Colonel Rhodes played by Terrence Howard thinks this is a bad idea, but of course Tony goes along with his plan anyway. Everything in Tony’s world seems to be going great, until the man he used to trust with everything becomes his worst enemy…

This film has a very exciting plot. This movie is full of suspense, action, and special effects. The actors in the movie portray their characters beautifully; they make their characters very believable and interesting. Robert Downey Jr. is my favorite actor in this movie; he makes Tony Stark a witty, intelligent, and charismatic character.

This movie has superior action scenes that include pyrotechnics, and computer design. The clarity of the scenes amazes me. Even though the audience knows some of the scenes portrayed could never actually happen, it looks very realistic. The scenes with fire and pyrotechnics are very impressive. This movie does a good job at controlling everything going on and making it seem real.

As for costume and design, the clothes in this movie fit modern society very well.

I suggest this movie for lovers of action, and people old enough to understand a plot that is slightly confusing but great. I would definitely pay to see this movie.



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